Woocommerce SEO v1.9


Woocommerce SEO v1.9 Although Woocommerce is a great eCommerce plugin, it’s not very SEO friendly and there are a number of things can can be improved to make it more optimised for the search engines. Thats where the Woocommerce SEO plugin comes in.

The Woocommerce SEO plugins makes a numbers of additions and improvements to Woocommerce to make getting that elusive number one position little easier.

v1.9 - Aug 16th
* Feature - Added page title and meta description template for the shop page
* Tweak - Plugin rewritten in preparation of 2.0

Features Woocommerce SEO v1.9

  • Remove product category base
    The default base is product-category. Remove this to give you a cleaner, short URL.
  • Keyword rich URLs when using filters
    Get rid of the ugly looking parameters and IDs in the URL when using filters and and replace them with keywords making your URLs keyword rich, prettier and more descriptive.
  • Automatically generated page tiles and meta description
    One of the most important pieces of information that the search engines use is the page title and meta description of the page so its imperative that yours are descriptive and keyword rich. However, writing the page titles and meta descriptions for every category and product can take a long time (although you still have this option, see below). The plugin allows you to simply create a template which will be used to generate the page title and meta description for each category and product page. Whats more, as the user uses the filters on the category page, these can be added to the page titles and meta descriptions to make each page truly unique.
  • Custom page tiles and meta description
    If you want even more control over your page titles and meta descriptions then the option of writing them yourself is there too. Whats more, your can use a combination to generated page titles and custom written page titles given you even more control.
  • Noindex/nofollow
    No indexing tells the search engines not to index that page where as no follow tells the search engines to not follow any links on that page. It can be useful to set one or both of these tags to a particular category of product page. It really is as simple as ticking a box!
  • Improved breadcrumbs
    By default, only the category name is shown on the breadcrumbs, no matter what filters were selected. The plugin replaces the default breadcrumbs, by showing what filters were selected and the order in which they were selected, so the users known exactly how they got to that particular page. Each term in the breadcrumb is a link that will take you back to the products selection when that term was last selected.