WooCommerce Product Bundles v5.0.1


WooCommerce Product Bundles v5.0.1 - Create and offer highly configurable product bundles, kits and assemblies that consist of simple and variable items – both physical and downloadable.

Offer pre-configured or customizable bundles by grouping products together.

Product bundling is one of the most effective marketing strategies: Bundle a few products together, offer them at a discount and watch the sales go up!

But bundling is not all about boosting sales: Product grouping is a common technique for creating complex products, kits and assemblies that consist of multiple parts. These parts may need to be stock-managed individually, bundled in multiples, and in some cases, they may need to have their own, configurable attribute and quantity options – or even be entirely optional.

Product Bundles is probably the most straightforward WooCommerce extension for creating configurable product packages: With Bundles you can quickly build complex products or create simple discount combos by mixing simple and variable products. Subscriptions and downloadable/virtual products are also supported, while Product Bundles provide a smooth integration with many popular WooCommerce extensions, such as Product Add-ons, Subscriptions and Composite Products. Regardless of what you need to bundle, the extension gives you all the flexibility you need to customize the content, pricing and shipping of your bundles down to the last detail.

11.16 - version 5.0.1
* Fix - Calculation of subtotals in Composite Products app.
11.09 - version 5.0.0
* Dev - New database structure for storing and retrieving bundled item data based on custom tables for: i) bundled items and ii) bundled item meta. The new structure is very performant while allowing complex data queries, such as getting all bundles that contain a specific product.
* Dev - Introduced ‘WC_Bundled_Item_Data’ class to represent bundled item data objects and handle all bundled item data CRUD operations - see ‘class-wc-bundled-item-data.php’.
* Dev - Introduced APIs for querying bundled items and retrieving, modifying and destroying bundled item data - see ‘WC_PB_DB’ class in ‘class-wc-pb-db.php’.
* Dev - New ‘wc_pb_get_bundled_product_map’ function to facilitate quick retrieval of bundle data (bundled item IDs, product bundle IDs key/value pairs) associated with any product.
* Dev - New cart/order functions for establishing bundle parent/child item relationships and bundle parent/child item status - see ‘wc-pb-functions.php’.
* Dev - Added detailed bundle data in REST API order/product GET responses (WP REST API, WC 2.6+ only) - see ‘class-wc-pb-rest-api.php’ and/or details product/order response schemas.
* Dev - Validate and add bundle configurations to the cart programmatically - see ‘class-wc-pb-cart.php’.
* Dev - Validate and add bundle configurations to orders programmatically - see ‘class-wc-pb-order.php’.
* Dev - Min/max bundled item quantities used in bundle availability/pricing calculations are now filterable. Useful for developing plugins associated with configuration constraints.
* Dev - It is now possible to reconstruct an accurate shipping representation of a bundle from order data. Useful when exporting order data to Shipping Fulfilment services - see ‘class-wc-pb-order.php’. Bundle container SKUs are also filterable to allow building a kit SKU from contents “packaged” in bundle containers (“Shipped Individually” option unchecked).
* Fix - WP Import/Export Tools support.
* Fix - WC Product CSV Import/Export Suite support - requires version 1.10.11.
* Fix - Ability to fetch bundled variable product variations data via AJAX using the core WC script - requires WC 2.6.2+, see ‘WC_Bundled_Item::use_ajax_for_product_variations’ in ‘class-wc-bundled-item.php’ for details.
* Fix - Issue with Composite Product prices not updating properly in the single-product app when selecting a bundle.
* Feature - New “Priced Individually” and “Shipped Individually” options at bundled item level. The new options replace the “Per-Item Pricing” and “Per-Item Shipping” options to provide greater pricing and shipping flexibility.
* Feature - Bundles can now be saved as virtual or physical items at will. Bundled items can be freely defined as “Shipped Individually” without being coupled to the “Virtual” status of their container, making very complex shipping configurations easily possible.
* Feature - New “Layout” option for choosing a ‘Tabular’ vs ‘Default’ single-product template layout for Bundles. Integrates functionality previously available in the free “Tabular Layout” mini-extension.
* Feature - Added new “Insufficient stock” section under WooCommerce > Reports > Stock, to allow monitoring bundled products with insufficient stock. Detailed availability data is also available when viewing bundles in the Products section of the Dashboard.
* Feature - Bundles are now editable from the cart by enabling the “Allow editing in cart” option under the “Advanced” edit-product panel tab.
* Feature - Bundles can now be marked as Downloadable, making it possible to add downloadable content at both: i) bundled product level and ii) bundle level.
* Feature - Added context to the “Sold Individually” option found in the “Inventory” edit-product panel tab, to prevent multiple bundles from being bought in a single order unconditionally, or conditionally when their configuration is identical.
* Tweak - The Base Price fields and associated metadata are no longer used and have been removed in favour of the Regular and Sale Price fields.
* Tweak - Hide attribute dropdown if only a single, well-defined variation is allowed in the Variation Filtering list, and show the attribute value as text.
* Tweak - Helper functions converted to static. Helper class no longer accessible as property of the main plugin class.
* Tweak - Restructured admin classes. Main admin class methods are now static. Admin class no longer accessible as property of the main plugin class.
* Tweak - Removed the ‘woo_bundles_’ prefix from all class methods. Old methods deprecated where applicable.
* Important - Template functions are now prefixed with ‘wc_pb_template_’. Please review your customizations if you are unhooking any functions from template action hooks.
* Important - Template action ‘wc_bundles_bundled_item_details’ renamed to ‘woocommerce_bundled_item_details’ for consistency.
* Important - WooCommerce 2.3 support dropped.
* Important - All product post meta fields created by the plugin are now prefixed with ‘wc_pb_’.
* Important - Data exported to Shipstation will now reconstruct an accurate physical representation of a bundle based on its shipping configuration. Bundled items that are “packaged” in a bundle (“Shipped Individually” option unchecked) are no longer exported as individual items to Shipstation. Instead, their value (and optionally, weight) is added to the value of the container (assuming it is shipped/non-virtual). Bundle container SKUs are now filterable to allow building a kit SKU from contents “packaged” in bundle containers.

Features WooCommerce Product Bundles v5.0.1

  • Support for simple, variable and subscription products.
  • Ideal for applications with strict inventory management requirements.
  • Flexible pricing and shipping options. Assign a static or content-based price to your bundles and define bundled product discounts. Ship bundled items in a new container, or maintain their original dimensions and weight.
  • Configurable bundled product quantities and optional bundled items.
  • Advanced configuration options: Exclude variations and override the default attribute selections of bundled variable products. Hide bundled product images and override bundled product titles & descriptions.
  • Streamlined interface, fully integrated with WooCommerce.
  • Works with WooCommerce Subscriptions: Bundle simple and variable subscriptions together with physical products.
  • Support for many popular WooCommerce extensions such as Product Add-ons, Name Your Price and Composite Products.
  • Easy to follow, complete documentation with clear examples and solutions to the most frequently asked questions.
  • A growing collection of free snippets and mini-extensions for making customizations and adding functionality to your Bundles.
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