WooCommerce Advanced Notifications v1.2.3


WooCommerce Advanced Notifications v1.2.3 - Set up order and stock notifications for multiple users and third parties

The Advanced Notifications extension for WooCommerce lets you set up order and stock notifications for users other than the admin. These can be used for notifying staff and users of sales, sending stock notices to suppliers, or even sending new orders to drop shippers.

The notifications themselves, based on WooCommerce’s own emails, can be configured to include or exclude prices and order totals, and also only show data that is relevant. For example, if you set up notifications for a t-shirt, the notifications only list this product and ignore other items in the order. Woo!

12-19 - v1.2.3
* Update - Remove BACs account info on notifications.
* New - Introduce filter ‘woocommerce_advanced_notifications_show_bacs_info’.

Features WooCommerce Advanced Notifications v1.2.3

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