Visual Composer Extensions Addon v5.1.0


Visual Composer Extensions Addon v5.1.0 Nulled once you install this ad-on, your Visual Composer v5.0.1 will never be the same again, with more than 80+ new premium elements at your disposal, custom post types, thousands of font icons .. well, everything is posible!

- Added new admin module to scan all pages and posts for usage of elements to compile statistics and provide an option to quickly deactivate all elements currently not utilized
- Added new element “TS Counter Odometer”
- Added new “TS Panel Flip” element to replace deprecated “TS Content Flip (Deprecated)” element
- Deprecated “TS Content Flip” element and subsequently renamed it to “TS Content Flip (Deprecated)”
- Added new developer element “TS Page Content Export” to output unprocessed page or post content
- Added new setting parameter for a base64 encoded tinyMCE editor, allowing for multiple tinyMCE editors per element (bypassing VC’s internal limit of just one per element)
- All elements utilizing the “old” base64 encoded simple textarea for content entry have been moved to new base64 encoded tinyMCE editors for easier content formatting
- Added options to “TS Image SVG” element to define custom animation speeds for hover animated segments
- Added options to “TS Counter Circle” element to define font family and font weight for animated value and message
- Isotope grid elements can now be used multiple times on the same page (formerly limited to one such element per page)
- Fixed issue with “TS Fance Tabs (BETA)” element where element allowed to directly embed another tabs container and unrelated child elements of other container elements
- Added option to “TS Image Gallery” element to generate custom sizes for preview and thumbnail images (using routine provided by Visual Composer itself)
- Added new layout option “Flipster Slider” to “TS Image Gallery” element (providing 4 new styles: CoverFlow, Carousel, Flatline and Wheel)
- Added option to “TS Lightbox Image” element to generate custom size for preview and thumbnail images (using routine provided by Visual Composer itself)
- Added options to all teammate elements to better control tooltip positioning and styling
- Tooltip for “TS Image Caman” element has been transitioned to “ToolTipster” script from previous CSS tooltips only
- Tooltip for “TS Icon List Item” element has been transitioned to “ToolTipster” script from previous CSS tooltips only
- Added support for full tinyMCE editor for content for “TS Icon List Item” (shortcodes as content are not supported)
- Added option to “TS Modal Popup” to automatically trigger popup once element is in browser view
- Fixed greyfilter issue for SlickSlider + FlexSlider layouts in “TS Image Gallery” element
- Fixed layout issues and missing text strings in control elements for “TS Posts Timeline” element
- Added option to “TS Title Flipboard” element to define custom spacing between individual flip segments
- Added option to “TS Title Flipboard” element to only user number characters (plus dot and comma)
- Added option to “TS Google Maps PLUS” + “TS Google Maps Single” elements to define custom float breakpoint for SumoSelect selectboxes
- Added option to “TS Google Maps PLUS” element to define maximum zoom level for group filter routine
- Added support for product variations to all WooCommerce elements (cart link will now redirect to product page for variation selection)
- Initialization for “TS Fancy Tabs (BETA)” element will now occur on “document ready” event, insted of “page load” event for earlier rendering
- Fixed issue in “TS iPresenter” element, where autoplay option could be deactivated
- All elements using an icon picker have been switched to a built-in icon picker parameter for better performance and less memory usage, instead of registering icons with VC
- Fixed wrong element count for custom post types in plugin settings page
- Fixed issue with “TS Rating Scale” element, where element did not allow to save rating value anymore due to a JS error
- Restored missing viewport animation settings for inner rows that were accidentially removed with v5.0.8
- Built-in “Iconicum - WordPress Icon Fonts” icon code generator has been updated to use “ToolTipster” script for tooltips (removing “SimpTip” support)
- Updated “Mobile Detect” Helper Class from v2.8.19 to v2.8.22
- Plugin will now by default use Font Awesome library that is built into Visual Composer, instead of its own custom version (check settings after update)
- Plugin now supports manually set tooltip triggers for the ToolTipster script (requires specific class name and data attributes; see manual for more information)
- Plugin will now check for 3rd party “Elements for Users - Addon for Visual Composer” plugin to correctly register elements with that plugin as well
- Updated external links to new domains for update, demo and support websites
- Other CSS + JS Improvements
- Updated EN/DE .po/.mo language files

Features Visual Composer Extensions Addon v5.1.0

  • Visual Composer v5.0.1 or newer (most current version is advised)
  • If your Visual Composer came as part of your theme, please ensure that the theme authors didn’t modify the plugin or that the plugin is still capable to work with add-ons
  • WordPress 4.7 recommended (minimum of 3.8)
  • PHP version 5.3.x or higher
  • Minimum of 96-128MB of PHP / WordPress memory recommended; depending upon other activated plugins and utilized theme, more might be required (after all, each WordPress system is unique)
  • When installing via WordPress , ensure that your upload / post size limit is large enough to accommodate the plugin file size; otherwise, upload plugin via FTP
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