Shopkeeper v1.6.13 – Responsive WordPress Theme


Shopkeeper v1.6.13 – Responsive WordPress Theme was built having in mind the needs of WordPress developers and consultants putting together websites for their clients. It has everything you need to quick start a new project. Shopkeeper is a multi-purpose theme, it allows you to create sites for a wide range of industries and styles: online stores, product catalogs, blogs, portfolios, or corporate sites.

v1.6.13 — 09 September
New Option that allows you to change the Out of Stock badge text from the Theme Options panel;
New Option that allows your to change the Sale badge text from the Theme Options panel;
The blog category archive will now show links to subcategories under the title;
Retested for compatiblity with PHP 7;
Tested for compatiblity with YITH WooCommerce Subscription;
As usual, various styling fixes and improvements were made for consistency and compatibility purposes across browsers and devices.

Important Update Announcement

Right after updating the theme to version 1.6.13, you should see there’s a new update available for the Get Bowtied Tools plugin, right under the Plugins section. The plugin was fully rewritten to make the installation and the maintenance of the theme easier.

What should you do?
After updating the plugin, you’ll get an error saying it was deactivated, and that’s because it was fully rewritten and WordPress considers it a different plugin now. You just need to activate it and you’re good to go. Watch a quick video walkthrough.

Features Shopkeeper v1.6.13 – Responsive WordPress Theme

  • Reliable Elite Theme Author;
  • Always up to date;
  • Extended documentation;
  • Friendly support;
  • Flawless Setup;
  • Fully Responsive Design;
  • Automatic updates;