Restrict Content Pro v2.7.3 With 11 Addon


Restrict Content Pro v2.7.3 is a complete membership and premium content manager plugin for WordPress . Create an unlimited number of memberships levels, including free, trial and premium. Manage members and their subscriptions, track payments, offer discounts with a complete discount code system, and provide premium, members-only content to your subscribers.

v2.7.3, February 21
    Fix: Free trials not working properly in PayPal Express.
Fix: Older unrestricted posts being improperly treated as restricted.
Fix: Undefined variable in rcp_stripe_charge_failed hook.
Fix: Payments made with Authorize have invalid date attached.
Fix: Register button text not passed through rcp_registration_register_button filter.
Tweak: Stop using deprecated functions internally.
New: Per Stripe’s recommendation, load Stripe.js on all pages if Stripe is enabled. Helps with Stripe’s fraud detection.
New: Add dynamic rcp_set_status_{$status} developer hook in RCP_Member.
New: Email admin when a new manual payment is received.
New: Add [is_expired] shortcode for showing content to expired members only.
New: rcp_save_settings filter for developers to use when RCP settings are saved.
New: Option to Always/Never show excerpts, or decide on an individual post by post basis. The new option is under Restrict > Settings > Misc.
New: Search by first/last name on the Members list page.

Features Restrict Content Pro v2.7.3 With 11 Addon

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