Media Grid v4.31 – WordPress Responsive Portfolio


Media Grid v4.31 – WordPress Responsive Portfolio is an unique tool to create unlimited responsive, filterable and paginated portfolios with ease, taking advantage of masonry script. Using advanced CSS and jQuery techniques allows you to create your own layouts and adapt them to any container. Adaptive and mobile optimized for responsive themes.

Just create your items and compose your grid through the visual builder all the rest will be managed by the powerful engine of the plugin.

Unique means not repeatable by any tool: forget about fixed rows or schemes, here your creativity can be fully exploited. You can choose among a wide variety of sizes to compose your portfolios, always seeing the final result thanks to the visual builder. It shows your changes in real time, representing a real advantage in projecting phase speeding up things!

Worried about representation of your setup on small screens? Media Grid has a smart system swapping automatically to a simpler and mobile optimized mode: lighter images, touch-proof sizes and dynamic control on overlay elements. Everything will be always displayed perfectly.

Lastly,the plugin integrates each item with the most popular social networks (Facebbok, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+) giving a better sharing system, focused on item contents!

v4.31 - release date 11/11
- added: DIV wrapping grid images to be better managed
- added: CSS perspective to items structure to be better managed
- fixed border radius appliance to text under items
- fixed: image’s based overlays applied to playing inline audio
- fixed: portrait/landscape images management with text under images

Features Media Grid v4.31 – WordPress Responsive Portfolio

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