Ignitewoo WooCommerce Vendor Stores v2.2.31


Ignitewoo WooCommerce Vendor Stores v2.2.31 lets you build a multi-vendor store where you control who can sign up to become a product vendor and sell items on your site. Want to build a site like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Creative Market, or Envato where the site operators take a portion of the money for everything sold? No problem. WooCommerce Vendor Stores lets you do that. Set up your own multi-vendor marketplace fast and easy.

We selectively surveyed various people, listened to your requests, incorporated the desired features, expanded upon that with more ideas, and created what is unquestionably the most powerful product vendor stores plugin available anywhere at any price. Read about all the features and learn what it can do for you.

With the following details we’re going to explain to how you how this plugin works in great detail – please read the entire explanation carefully.

Here’s how it works:

You selectively turn on the ability for people to register on your site and apply to become a vendor using a simple button on their My Account page. When that button is clicked you get a notice that someone wants to become a vendor and selectively approve or deny their request. When you approve a request the person whom you approved immediately gets a welcome message with a link to their new store on your site. At that point they can login, set a store title and description, upload a logo, and start posting products for sale. And, if you have our WooCommerce Auctions Pro plugin installed they could optionally post auctions too if that’s what you want.

Or if you don’t want people to post their own products on your site you can set the plugin to disallow public requests to become vendors and optionally post products for your hand picked product vendors instead.

In either case, after you have products published that are associated with a given vendor shoppers come to the site and buy those products. When the order is paid for you can either pay the vendors instantly using one of our payment gateways, or you can optionally hold their commission for processing at a later time. Instant payments currently work with our PayPal Adaptive Payments plugin and our Stripe plugin. Note that you must use our payment gateways if you want to do instant payments, or you can optionally use any payment gateway you want and pay your vendors using the Mass Pay payments features built into WooCommerce Vendor Stores, or pay vendors using any other method that works for you.

You control how much commission each vendor gets when their items sell. You can set a global commission that applies to all vendors, or set different commissions for different vendors, and even override commission amounts on a per product basis. You also have the ability to define commission amounts in dollars ( or whichever currency your site uses ) or as a percentage. And to add another level of flexibility you can also choose whether the commission amount is for your site or the vendor or product.

v2.2.31 - October 3
Fixed script enqueuing for the admin area related to jQuery Chosen

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