Cuckoo v1.0 - Viral, News, Magazine WordPress Theme


Cuckoo v1.0 is a viral, news, magazine WordPress theme that has full BuddyPress and bbPress integration. Set up a viral website with total user interaction with front-end post submission, front-end login/registration, vote up/down posts, BuddyPress social features and bbPress forums.

The theme utilises the WordPress Popular Posts plugin to display your trending posts. Unlike most plugins or themes trending posts are based on the number of post views over a specific time range (last day, week etc.) instead of displaying the number of views from all the time.

Vote Up/Down Posts
Cuckoo allows you to vote up or down any post/page and order items by most likes.

Front-end and Social Login
Cuckoo comes with an entire front-end login, registration and lost password interface so the user never sees the WordPress login page. It also works seamlessly with the WordPress Social Login plugin so your users can login via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Profile Link/Notifications Counter
Cuckoo gives you the ability to add the logged in user’s profile link to your menus and add the BuddyPress notifications counter beside it so users can keep track of who’s sent them a message, friend request etc.

MailChimp Custom Newsletter Form
Works with the MailChimp for WordPress plugin and comes with its own custom newsletter form.

Multiple Advertisement Areas
Cuckoo allows you to add leaderboard ads in the header and footer of the site which are fully responsive.

First Release!

Features Cuckoo v1.0 - Viral, News, Magazine WordPress Theme