Brevis v1.3.1 - Premium Monetized URL Shortener


Brevis v1.3.1 is a premium and monetized URL shortener full of features and built to be fast, powerful, secure and intuitive.



v1.3.1 (09/15)
- “Folder permissions” bug Solved

Features Brevis v1.3.1 - Premium Monetized URL Shortener

  • AnteShorting & Bookmarklet Shortens your links while browsing the web by clicking on a bookmarklet or by entering the URL of Brevis before the site you’re looking at.
  • Responsive Design Brevis is obviously responsive and accessible from any device.
  • Payment System The script uses the system more secure and famous in the world: PayPal.
  • Installation Procedure The system is arranged with a clever and quick procedure that will allow you to install Brevis in a few clicks.
  • Languages Brevis has an active translation system. Currently three languages are predisposed: English, Italian and German. You can easily translate the whole script in your language.
  • Thumbnails You can see thumbnails of the links for free (1000 requests per month) or with a small fee, for having more requests.
  • Private Service You can decide whether to set Brevis public access or private access.
  • jQuery & AJAX The script is full of animations and technology to make it quickly and to improve the user experience.
  • URLs statistics You can see all the complete statistics about URLs (clicks, referrers and countries), with auto-generated line graphs.
  • Brevis Pages You can create your system pages and make them accessible from shortened URL ( See example: Tour Page
  • Advanced API System With Brevis API you can shorten a URL, see the system statistics and statistics of a link. You can set a private access, with a token or timed token system or public access. API returns responses in JSON, Simple Text or XML format.
  • URL Validation, AntiSpam, AntiPhishing Brevis can check that a URL is valid and that it is not Spam. By subscribing to Phishtank Brevis can also block the Phishing sites.
  • Block URLs and IP You can block certain URLs or IP.
  • GeoTargeting System Users can choose to redirect visitors to a different page using their location. Take note that, since we use MaxMind GeoIP2 Precision Services, you will need to pay a very low cost subscription ($0.0001 per query) to use that additional service. This option can be disabled from the admin panel.
  • URL Preview You can set a preview URL page that can be timed. You can set an advertising banner, full page or not set advertising in this page.
  • reCaptcha You can set a Captcha in Sign Up to avoid unwanted users.
  • Maintenance Mode You can show a temporary maintenance message while make changes to the site.
  • Extensive Documentation The extensive documentation of Brevis allows you to discover all the possible information about the script.