BackupBuddy v7.2.0.8 – WordPress BackUp Plugin


BackupBuddy v7.2.0.8 – WordPress BackUp Plugin The Original WordPress Backup Plugin

BackupBuddy Saving WordPress Sites Around The World Since

We built BackupBuddy because we experienced our own catastrophic server crash. At the time, WordPress didn’t offer any complete backup solutions. In both of our failure cases, we needed entire directory and file backups for complete site recovery.

Run database backups for quick, small, frequent backups or run complete backups to get all your images, themes, plugins and everything else to a safe place.

Send your backups (individually or on a schedule) to offsite storage destinations like BackupBuddy Stash (our custom backup storage location), Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, FTP or email. If your site goes down, you don’t want your backup stored on that same server.

Schedule backups so you don’t need to remember to make backups every day, week or month. You can also set the schedule to send your backups to any of your offsite storage destinations automatically.

We built BackupBuddy Stash specifically for storing and managing your BackupBuddy backups so you can manage backups for all of your sites in one central location. BackupBuddy users get 1GB of Stash storage for free!

Choose which files (or tables) to exclude from your backups. This is helpful if you have a folder with lots of high-res images or videos that you don’t want to back up every time.

Create custom backup profiles for backups to use their own settings and file exclusions.

v7.2.0.8 - 10-25 - Dustin Bolton
Fixed undefined class backupbuddy when Google Drive multipart upload fails.
Fixed error about trigger being logged when backup triggered by Sync.
Stash Live Stash version now shows only compatible versions in listing.

Features BackupBuddy v7.2.0.8 – WordPress BackUp Plugin

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